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Aqiqah Australia

Aqiqah Australia


AQIQAH AUSTRALIA For Aqiqah in Australia, the ritual will be carried out on Eid / Taysriq Days. The chilled meat will be brought back to Singapore and will be distributed locally here.

Closing Date: 10 June 2024. Slaughter date: 17-20/6 2024. 

All Aqiqah/Qurban meat will flown to Singapore from Australia .

Meat Collection/ Delivery: TBC . $315 per sheep (inclusive of cutting into smaller pieces). Delivery will be charged additional of $15.00 per sheep. Self Collect: 9008 Tampines St 93.

E-Certificates will be provided via whatsapp.   Sheep live weight is about 45-50kgs. Fresh meat yield is about 18kgs average. You can choose to receive all meat, 2/3, or 1/3. If you choose to receive 2/3 or 1/3, we will distribute (infaq) the balance to the needy family in Singapore.

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