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House of ilm is an online store specializing in Islamic Products, such as Digital Quran, Islamic Books, Tawaf Movement Timepiece, Muslim Clothing, Habbatus Sauda, Premium Honey and Perfume. Find the latest Islamic Gadgets & Gift, Fashion, Halal Health Supplement, Black Seed Oil, Habbatus Sauda and Sidr Honey.

At House of ilm Online Store, we strive to give you comprehensive access to our various product choices and decisions at your fingertips.

As part of House of ilm community, you will receive exclusive privileges to:

  • Loyalty rewards

  • Customer reviews

  • Product rankings

  • Professional recommendations from our Asatizahs

  • Invitations to our exclusive events

  • Value buys 

House of ilm pte ltd operate in Singapore and all our products comply with all the laws and regulations of Singapore. We do not guarantee compliance with specific local laws, regulations or specifications under the local jurisdictions of individual customers. 

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